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Who makes it and How

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We all know Sears and Craftsman have had their products made for them since the 70’s. This article will go through the current Riding Mower, Tractor and Zero-Turn Manufactures of the 2015 products Sears sells under the Craftsman Brand.
It’s almost comical how many “expert” answers there are out on the Internet to this question. And to make matter’s worse, I know a few local businesses that will intentionally misguide their potential customers by telling them the wrong information about Craftsman Lawn Tractors and Riding Mowers.
 Sears, Craftsman has never had the factories to produce their own equipment.  Sears is a retailer and they have always used OEM’s (original equipment manufactures)  to make the items they sell.  Even when they did own Roper in the 60’s they left the design, production and distribution to Roper. There is always a lot of confusion to who makes what for Craftsman because the manufactures change over time.  Companies like Haban go out of business, others get bought out (like Emerson, Snapper, Gravely, Wheel Horse, Lawn Boy, Cub Cadet, Hahn, Roper, Eclipse)  Sears even has used different names for the products they sell over the years (Companion, Dunlop, Evolv, Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, Craftsman Premium.)  This is muddled even more because the Internet is full of out-dated and wrong information.  The information I will show you here is freely available…just go to http://www.shopyourway.com/, put in the Craftsman model number of the mower (from Sears.com) and the owners manual comes up.  On the manual there is a model number.  The first three digits is a manufacturer’s code that tells you who made the product.
The products are made by someone else but I want to make it very clear though that Sears has always spec’d their equipment. What this means is that just because the mower is made for them by a particular manufacture, i.e., Briggs,  in a specific facility, i.e., Snapper Plant … the equipment is made to Craftsman’s specifications … and the quality that Craftsman dictates is the best possible for that tractor/mower series and price range.  (For example, The 30 hp Craftsman Premium tractor looks like a Simplicity Prestige on the outside, but the specs are different than the tractor sold as a Simplicity Prestige.  The engine is a larger, premium motor, instead of a residential series. The deck is designed for Craftsman customers, and the price matches Sears volume, not a small dealer’s margins.)  Craftsman Labs test every new product extensively to make sure it meets their customer’s quality needs.)

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