The Echo Bed Redefiner Review

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The Echo Bed Redefiner Review

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:31 pm

I've used the BRD for the last five days on the job. The Redefiner is a solid piece of equipment. Starts up quickly and has a strong motor and easily maneuverable. If you have an existing edge along the flower bed the BRD does a great job to enhance the look. (As it is intended) However if you are looking to create the edge from scratch it will do that but it leaves a rough edge that needs cleaning up. The cutting depth will go down too around 4 inches deep but I've not found any reason for cutting anything that deep. I would suggest if you're thinking of purchasing the BRD that you start working out because of its weight, the book say 18lbs but it feels more like 25 lbs. Its price tag @ $599.99 and the cost of a blade, Home depot being the cheapest place @ $79.95 are its biggest downfall. Overall It's a good investment and big positive for my Business.

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