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On November 23, 1874, Frederick Daniel Kees put hammer to anvil and produced his first husking hooks and pegs. As business boomed with the constant flow of settlers to the West, Kees continued repairing firearms, sewing machines and mowers, as well as manufacturing his own products from his back room workshop. As the company outgrew its original confines, Kees moved into his first manufacturing plant in 1910, and the product line continued to grow.

In 1963, the line of Kees Lawn and Garden Equipment was added featuring the Kees Krawler, a self-propelled sprinkler that used a garden hose as a track and its own water pressure for locomotion, and the Kees Garden Tool Set. In 1969, they released the Kees Kaster, a broadcast seeder that delivered up to five times the coverage of conventional spreaders.

In 1976, Kees entered the commercial mower market with a 21” steel deck mower. This unit was side-discharge, complete with a grass collector, and was loved by the rental market. In 1977, the 36” and 48” intermediate walk behind mowers were introduced and established the Kees brand as a leader in the market. In 1986, Kees created its first 60” rider by adding a two point hitch and a sulky. In the early 90s, Kees focused its efforts on the commercial mowing market and grew the business significantly.

In 1997, F.D. Kees was purchased by Yazoo Power Equipment of Jackson, Mississippi creating Yazoo/Kees. Yazoo Power Equipment had an impressive history in its own right. The company was created with the purchase of a concept high wheel mower in 1945, and in 1959 Yazoo pioneered the first out-front rotary riding mower, the YR-60 (Yazoo Rider-60”).

Today, Yazoo/Kees' parent company, Husqvarna, has made a significant investment to ensure that we provide premium commercial equipment that lives up to the Husqvarna 300 year tradition of excellence while maintaining the local and historical attributes that make Yazoo/Kees unique.

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